Best Places to visit in London

5 Places in London That Are Not So Popular But Are Visit Worthy

Every city is identified by few monuments or places and they do feature at the top of the travel itinerary. However there are certain other places which are overshadowed by these famous places but do hold importance on their own. London is no exception, while the likes of Big Ben and The London Eye manage to capture most of the attention; there are others which are also worth a visit. 
Churchill’s War rooms: Churchill’s leadership of the British as well as the allied forces was an important influence during World War II. Churchill’s War rooms, neatly preserved and maintained brings to life the times and conditions of World War II. The war time speeches of Churchill are broadcasted through the now improved radio station. 

- Kew Gardens:  As indicated in its official name “The Royal Botanical gardens”  is a sprawling 300 acres space where numerous types of plants are grown. There are many cultural events organized at this place. 

- Victoria and Albert Museum: Part of the group which also includes Natural history and Science museums, has around 145 galleries which display art and other related artifacts which represent over 5000 years of history. 
- Hampton Court palace : Situated along the Thames, this palace hosts many places which are worth a visit including the Haunted Gallery, astronomical clock in Clock Court, Tennis Court of the Tudor’s  along with it s lawns and other attractions. 

These are just a few of the list and there are many places in this great city of London which tell a story of their own. Apart from famed places, food and the culture, London is also extremely famous for its high end escort services. A number of agencies offer services such as Rotterdam escort in London and countless others to mention. Good escorts are available for girlfriend experience, massages etc. Whatever be your secret wish, you get fulfilled here.